Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Purele Jewelry's Grand Opening

Hey everyone! I have been M.I.A. for two days because I've been just so busy working on my jewelry blog!

My grand opening is today and to celebrate it, this WHOLE WEEK July 21-28th, all items are at a 10% discount! :D

Including this Swarovski Necklace on the left, before it was $16.50 CAN ($14.89 USD) + S/H, now it's only

$14.85 CAN ($13.41 USD) +S/H

Hurry though! Each colour only has a quantity of 2! For more selection and other pieces, check out my other blog: Purele Jewelry


  1. Congratulations ^__^
    Good luck in your sales and may this be a fruitful journey for you!

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  3. it's gorgeous! I must get myself some once I get more "funds" for my spendings. lol