Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fall Fashion/Beauty (Happie Nuts, Elle, GISEle, Jelly)

Hey everyone! I know i know, I haven't updated in soooo lo
ng but I really do try to update as often as possible! Sorry! This time, I collected a few of my favourite summer transitioning into fall looks from various magazines.

Leave comments on what you think! Enjoy :)

By the way...I can't read chinese :S so if you could try to leave comments in english! :)

*Click to Enlarge pictures*

I love the light brown hair, pale skin, and smudge eyeliner look! (btw, for any people living in Toronto out there, if you are looking for an affordable quality Japanese hair salon, check out Maya Hair Salon and ask for Masako! I just got my hair done there :) )

Killer leggings!! so hot!

'till next time :)
upcoming posts on review on nudy grey and angel brown geo lenses!