Sunday, July 19, 2009


Yesterday night, I was reading Val Chante's blog and OMGOSH, she posted a pictures of clothes from a Japanese online clothing store and it was like love at first sight! I absolutely adore the clothes from that brand - it's very fashionable, timeless, and feminine :D The name of the online store is Egoist and you can check it out here! I picked out some of my favourites from the site to share with you guys:

Just click the photo to get to the url of where you can purchase it!It's too bad they don't sell it here in Canada or....anywhere else besides Japan. It's a pain to pay $2038029382083274 in shipping from the website :(~ but ANYWHO I'm super exicted to see their fall collection coming up! It's always soo exicting when you find a new unique store! I really rather purchasing from small boutiques and unique designers than getting something that everyone already has - but too bad it's always so MUCH more expensive!

P.S. Thank you guys so much for supporting me in my last post :) I really appreciate it <3~


  1. i particularily find those types of sites a rip off because you end up paying a crap load for shipping ( i remember once i payed 56$ FOR SHIPPING from a japanese site) its not worth it in the end when you can get such similar items much cheaper from sites from yesstyle or zipia ect where you only pay a flat rate on shipping and get pretty much the same things.

  2. very true! I would never dish out that much money on shipping :(~ thanks for sharing those sites! must check them out ;)

  3. Hey there~ Glad you like the site^^ I'll post more links in my blog in the next update or so.

    I use a shopping service (one girl that I've know for almost 2 yrs) and shipping/etc does add on extra, but I don't really care when I love the brand so much ^^

    I hope in the future there is a way to just pay for the items at the set pice ; ;

  4. the clothes are very nice indeed. it's available in seoul as well but it's so expensive @__@

  5. Nice clothes , I really love Japanese clothes^^

  6. Egoist has like the nicest minidresses. I've been drooling over them every time i open ViVi or PopTeen. I also like LizLiza stuff.

  7. @ MiuMiu ~ yeah :( that's the only downfall

    @ Zoe ~ me too!

    @ Saintangelius ~ oo i should check Lizliza out!

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