Tuesday, July 7, 2009

LOVE High-Waisted Skirts

High-waisted Skirts:
I absolutely love love LOVE high-waisted skirts! I have a small frame and it's really hard for me to find clothes that look decent on me. High-waisted skirts are great pieces to have if you have a petite figure. Since its high-waisted, it creates the illusion that you have a smaller waist, just like an empire waist belt does. I'd usually wear a high-waisted skirt with a neutral wifebeater tank top. :)

Here are some particular high-waisted skirts that I love :)

1. Floral High-Waisted Skirt (From Forever21) BUY HERE

I particulary like this skirt because of the thick black band. This black band is stretchy, so its really comfortable and easy to put on. Also, the black band creates emphasis to your waist and creates an illusion of a belt. By far my favourite type of high-waisted skirt :P

2. Plaid High-Waisted Skirt (From Forever21) BUY HERE

The trend of plaid pattern probably started around late fall last year, where you saw everyone wearing plaid-pattern lumberjack shirts. This trend carried onto early spring/summer this year with high waisted skirts. Gives off a very young, punky and rebellious feel :P

3. Bubble Plaid High-Waisted Skirt (From Urban Outfitters) BUY HERE

This is a great alternative to the skirt above. It isn't as bold, but is still a great casual trendy piece. I also really like how it has pockets on the side....a nice detail.

- Other stores that carry high-waisted skirts: H&M, GAP, Topshop, Espirit