Saturday, July 18, 2009

Negative comments + Glamorous July 2009

How to deal with negative comments: As you guys know, I just created my blogspot + facebook for my jewelry business. I know a lot of people are supporting me and I truly appreciate it. But once there are people that like your stuff, there are always the other side: the haters. I got my first negative comment today, saying that they doubt my shop will work, and that I have very few members on my fb group. At first, I had a mixture of feelings: very mad with a f-u attitude and dissapointment as well. But then, I realize, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, there will ALWAYS be someone that will critize your work. Especially in business, you have to have "thick" face and just put a smile on at the end of the day. Instead of getting all agitated and angry about it, why not use these critisms to even BETTER yourself right? I know that my business WILL work. I don't care what anyone has to say about it, it WILL happen. I will get more members and my business will work. I'll prove you wrong. But more importantly, I want to prove to myself that I can do it. Please support me, you can join here. My goal is 100+ members on my facebook group by the end of July. I know I can do it :)

I really had to get that out of my system. I am learning everyday about how to deal with these kinds of situations. Anyways, my next topic is about the Glamorous magazine.
I think either Glamorous or Pretty Style has my FAVOURITE styles for fashion. It's feminine, stylish, and put-together.


  1. Hey sweetie, i'm glad you're staying strong and keeping a positive head! Good and bad, love and hate always comes hand in hand. As long as you believe in what you do and stand by it, success will always be just a hop and a skip away! So keep it up :)

  2. hi! i just found your blog and i loveeee glamourous toooo!! the style is greatttttt! dunno about the whole hormonal thing they're pushing this issue but the clothes are so pretty!!

    as for negative comments, negative ppl are always going to be around, just dont let that negative energy get to you!!

  3. i just joined your group.. never mind that negative comment.. :D

  4. good stay positive! forget about anything negative. check out my blog:
    Hope you can join!

  5. awwwwn its okay - just keep doing wht you love and ignore wht they say.
    i just joined your facebook group and followed both of your blogs :)
    stay postivee ! && thanks for leaving a comment on my pageee

  6. You have just launched your business, it's normal that it takes a little while before you sell a lot of your creations, so forget about this comment ^^ Some people who are frustated in "real life" use the internet as a spillway for their frustations, ignoring them is the best way to make them go away :p

  7. thank you guys for all the support! <3