Thursday, July 30, 2009

Anna Sui

I love Anna Sui! (I just have to marry a guy with a last name of Sui and I can be Anna Sui too....HAHA!) I love her website, it's ADORABLE! You have to check it out!

Everything about her lines: fashion, makeup, and accessories...I just adore!
Some pieces I love off the runway **stay tuned for my next post on Anna Sui's Fall 2009 Ready to Wear Post :)**:

Anna Sui has a clothing line at target, check it out if you like her style :) Too bad there aren't any targets in


Where to find Anna Sui:
Selected Target Stores across the US have the Anna Sui Ready to Wear Fashion line :)
Sears in Canada carry the makeup/skincare/perfume collections at an Anna Sui Counter
** Pacific Mall in Canada has TONS of discounted Anna Sui makeup products
** carries some makeup products and perfumes

I was really inspired by Anna Sui's bold black-rose packaging and I found some of these hairclips which reminded me of it! The one on the left is a prize for a giveaway here!.

I will be selling these soon, stayed tuned :) ~ Purele Jewelry

Makeup Packaging by Anna Sui:

I love Anna Sui's packaging with the black rose~ It's very unique and cute at the same time. I actually don't own any makeup or skincare products from Anna Sui but here are some I want to try out sometime:
* Liquid Foundation
* Powder
* Loose Eyeshadow powder

Do you guys have any other suggestions for me to try?? Leave a comment!

Favourite Perfume:
My favourite perfume from Anna Sui is her limited edition Dolly Girl Bonjour L'Amour Eau de Toilette Spray released in 2007. I got one from a friend of mine and here it is!

The smell is very citrusy and summery and I love it! The only bad thing about it is that it does not last very long so you would have to re-apply.

I also love flight of fancy and would love to try it sometime! I love the packaging as usual :)


  1. Kyaagh I love Anna Sui too. Ooh I saw Snejana Onopka sporting that Gorgeous black dress on the last picture on the first row. Hahaha Gemma Ward is also there. ^_____^ Daisuke_desu (I like it) ^___6 and kirei(beautiful).

  2. Love anaa sui fashion.
    You should try envy me by smells really good and ive always went bk to it :)

  3. I love love Anna Sui's products ,thanks for sharing this^^

  4. Anna Sui's packaging never fails to impress me :)

  5. I do want to try envy me by gucci!!! BTW, if you guys are looked for cheap perfumes, try WINNERS.
    I found L by gwen stefani for only $30 CAD!! I was so tempted to buy it XD