Sunday, July 17, 2011

S Cawaii Hairstyles - July '11

Love her long brown locks with natural curls!

^ not a big fan of this hairstyle...her hair looks fried

What's your favourite hairstyle? Do you like to wear it up or down?


  1. My hair sort of looks like the 4th picture naturally anyway so I guess I'm pretty lucky this season :3

  2. Oi Gabriela, eu não sei como é pq marquei minha sessão na Personalite para o dia 02/09, mas pelo que vi na internet, o laser chega ao bulbo através dos pelos minimos que deixamos…Talvez tenha um prazo mesmo para cair os pelos

  3. I am so envious of some of these girls. My hair is in this in-between stage from when I got my hair cut last and it's kind of awkward to deal with. But I get my hair cut again in a month so that it's all one length so that I can have fun with it then. I hope they at least layer it kind of cute. :3