Thursday, July 14, 2011

Free Glasses on !!!

Hi there!

ClearlyContacts are having a crazy sale with most glasses for only $38, or three pairs for $99. But wait, it gets better!

For a limited time only, as their promotion, you can get free glasses on Use the code FREEGLASSES714 when you checkout and just pay shipping & handling!

I bought two pairs myself :) and paid $12.04 for shipping for each
pair! What a steal :)

The first I bought is by Derek Cardigan...they remind me of the class rayban-shape but they have these math signs on the side which I thought were very cute! I plan on wearing these bad boys just for fun when I go out.

Front view:

Side View:

This pair is the Derek Cardigan 7008 Blackout and you can buy them here.

The second pair I bought are by Vera Wang and are more wearable on an everyday basis.

Front view:

Side View:

I bought these glasses with my money and I was not contacted by clearlycontacts to post this. I just wanted to share this amazing deal with my readers! :)

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  1. What an awesome website, I need me some glasses badly my prescription is 3 yrs old. I wish I lived in Canada. :(