Friday, September 4, 2009

JJ October Makeup + Nails + UO SALES

Today, I went downtown (Toronto) with a friend and discovered something AMAZING.

Everytime I go to Urban Oufitters, I never go upstairs because I thought it was only for the men's section and home accessories! BOY WAS I WRONG. There is a CLEARANCE/SALE section there with clothes marked down A LOT!

I found a top I liked from Silence + Noise originally for $42.00, marked down to $19.99! This gets even better~ when the cashier scanned the tag, there was an addtional 50% off. SO I got the top for 10 bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That totally made my day :D

The baby pink set of nails are so cute! You know what I've noticed, most North Americans like the square-edge finishing for nails, while asians like more of the rounded finish for nails. What do you like?


  1. It's great finding stuff on sale, congrats! I like squoval nails! A mix between square and oval lol. Thanks for the fantastic scans!

  2. You had luck ^^

    I prefer not too long, rounded finished nails. But mine naturally grow in a square finished shape :o

  3. Round nails all the way for me! I don't like square nails much as they tend to snag on my clothes and stab my palms as I write.
    JJ's issue is good. I like the fashion section for this issue. Popteen has a good back to school guide in their October issue.

  4. Yay for the great deal! Urban outfitters is usually really expensive so you got so lucky! And I usually like squared nails. Love the eye shadow looks, the girls look so pretty and has such flawless skin!