Thursday, August 6, 2009

AmyNaree's 50+ Followers Giveaway!

Amy Nareee is hosting a giveaway to celebrate 50+ followers, though she almost has 100 :D Congrats!!!

How to Enter:
1. Must be a follower
2.Please leave a comment telling me how and why you got into blogging along with your email address.
3.You can double your chances to win if you post about my giveaway on your blog (you will be entered 2 times)! If you do please leave me a link to your posting :)

Winners will be picked through on August 18th (my bday!!) So you have about 2 weeks to enter, good luck!!

This giveaway is open to everyone WORLDWIDE!!

Here is the lovely prizes (This goes to one lucky winner!):

*Use this before going out to get a nice glowy radiant complexion*

- 1 BNIB Coffret D'or Star Dazzling Eyeliner DB-03 (Dark Blue Gitter)
*This eyeliner is gorgeous, it will give that hint of glam that you need (I love it so much I have one for myself as well)

- 1 BNIB Paul & Joe Duo Mascara in Blue
*Blue mascara makes the eyes pop and makes the white of your eyes appear whiter. This mascara has a brush end and comb end.

- 1 BN Revlon Lip Gloss in Toast of the Town
*This beige/golden lip gloss goes well on top of any lipstick and has just the right about of shimmer to look classy and not trashy, it also compliments the Coffret D'or eyeliner very well.

- 3 BNIB False Eyelashes
*For those of you who want to look extra special I included 3 really cute falsies (1 with rhinestones on it, 1 purple mixed lashes, and 1 long dramatic lashes). Whichever one you fancy that night!

Hope you guys like my picks. I wanted to do something fun so I thought up of this theme.


  1. thanks for entering and posting about my giveaway sweetie <3

  2. meh crappy prizes no thanks.

  3. I got into blogging, because I really wanted a place for me to vent, share my passion, record my memories, and look back on how I am changing as a person. :)

  4. I got into blogging b.coz I wanted to share new ideas, new things to dah world

    btw, I luv ur prize

    and the rules is easy to enter2^0^

    and heres dah link showing dat I show dah world abt dis Giveaway stuff, I show it off on my status, its locate it on dah top